16 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Business Backup and Recovery

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16 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Business Backup and Recovery

As a business in Louisiana, we know very well what it's like to operate during hurricane season. Unfortunately, at any moment, a business can lose all of its vital data. That's why it's so important that no matter the size, every business should have a backup and recovery plan.

Here are key questions every business owner or manager needs to consider to ensure they have a good backup and recovery system.

      1. Do you know where your backup system is located?
      2. Is it a USB drive, a network storage system or another server/PC?
      3. Can you access it easily? Do you know the credentials to access your data?
      4. Do you know how to operate your data recovery system or how to contact the person in charge of your recovery system.
      5. How fast can you recover everything?
      6. Is your data backed up offsite? Make sure you have the credentials and have tested them in order to prepare for any disaster.
      7. Does your software work offsite/remotely? You may be able to restore your data, but will your line of business software such as Quickbooks or Sage work? Does it need to be reconfigured?
      8. If you are forced to leave your office, can you access the data remotely? Do you plan on taking your system with you? If you do, the risk of lost or stolen data goes up. What if you don't have time to get your servers?
      9. During a disaster, can you restore the data to another system?
      10. After a disaster, can you resynchronize the data that may have been modified while you were working on the recovery system? How long will this take?
      11. Have you thought of where you might be able to stage your system during a disaster?
      12. How much data should you be holding? Data growth can make offsite backups very costly. Holding unnecessary data puts you more at risk for data breach and exposure.
      13. Do you have a distributed disaster action plan? Have you tested it? A disaster action plan is simple a document outlining where and how to access critical resources during an emergency. It should include contact information for IT and phone vendors, attorneys, CPAs, bank, credit card and insurance information.
      14. Do you know how to forward your business phones to temporary numbers?
      15. Do you know how to access your email remotely? Do you know your email password?
      16. If you don't own the building you work out of, do you have the building's emergency contact information?

Unfortunately, many people assume their backup is working properly, but find out too late that their backup system hasn't worked in weeks.

We hope this guide is helpful to you and your business and helps prevent loss.

As always, if you need help in developing a plan and managing your data, we have professional and experienced engineers who are ready to help if you prefer us to manage it for you.

Contact us at info@restech.net or call 504-733-5633.


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