4 Ways to Approach Cybersecurity Issues in Your Organization

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4 Ways to Approach Cybersecurity Issues in Your Organization

You can put all the security solutions in place that you want, but if your users are still going to click on every link that comes into their inbox, you're still at risk.

Maintaining organizational security against cyberthreats is always a unique challenge. Cyber criminals have turned up their execution a notch - targeting specific industry verticals, organizations, and even individuals.

Increases in the frequency of ransomware, phishing, and cryptojacking attacks were experienced by businesses of nearly every size, vertical and locale. And in the midst of all the cyber-turmoil, businesses and IT teams have been tasked with trying to establish and maintain a layered security defense that protects the organization and its users.

Here are some high-level steps that provide some guidance on how to best approach cybersecurity issues that may be keeping you up at night.

1. Have a Security Strategy

Having a layered security strategy in place can make the difference between knowing you have your identified risks addressed and being very concerned with no idea what to do should an incident occur.

While most organizations are aware of the need for a layered security strategy, not every one of them has it implemented. Planning out a layered security strategy is the first step.

If you don't have a dedicated IT person on staff, you can work with your IT company to plan a security strategy that fits your needs.

2. Executive Buy-In

Educate your executive suite on the security challenges you're facing in business terms they understand. Discuss the plan you wish to put in place and how it helps address executive concerns like business disruption, downtime, compliance and other concerns. Cover the potential business repercussions to the organization should security not be made a priority.

3. Obtain Necessary Budget

Many organizations are concerned they don't have the budget necessary to put security in place. Using your plan, prioritize what's needed to execute the strategy, and leverage the executive buy-in you have.

4. Implement a Security Culture

The largest concern a lot of businesses face is that of negligent users. Because users interact with attack assets - such as emails, links, attachments, websites, and more - they become both part of the attack and your defense strategy.

The desire is to get users to stop entertaining phishing scams, clicking on links, opening documents, and providing credentials to fake websites. It starts with establishing a security culture.

Implement security awareness training and user phishing testing to elevate your employees' understanding of the need to incorporate security as part of their job function. This will make them a part of the defense and lower organizational risk.

By working through the steps above, you will find your organization far more protected.

As a full suite IT and cybersecurity firm, Restech can help with your business technology and security needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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