80 Year Old Company with Roots in Typewriters Ready to Write a New Chapter with Restech

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80 Year Old Company with Roots in Typewriters Ready to Write a New Chapter with Restech

Looking around Amann Business Systems’ office you can see the history. George Amann’s grandparents, Helen and Howard Amann, opened their doors in 1937 selling and servicing typewriters right here in New Orleans.

The nostalgia hangs from every wall and includes lots of pictures and some antique manual typewriters.

“My grandmother, Helen, was really the driving force behind the business start-up", said Amann She told my grandfather that he could make more money servicing typewriters for himself than the company he worked for.”

Helen was one of the first professional women of her time. She worked alongside her husband and started a woman’s organization called the Pilot Club. It was Helen’s networking skills combined with her husband's sales and technical skills that made it one of the largest typewriting businesses in the area.

“She was a real spitfire” according to George, thinking back to when he started working in the business at 12 years old.

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Fast forward 3 generations, Amann Business Systems has continued to morph with the times into a computer sales and repair shop all the way to the full IT services company it is today.

George has been expanding on his grandparents’ vision for decades and continues to service hundreds of local businesses, some dating back to when typing was still a required class in high school.

Last year, Amann Business Systems was looking to expand its offerings even further. “Every business today is a technology business. The digital and security demands needed to keep a business competitive are constantly changing and evolving. It’s important for every business to keep up,” said Amann.

After lots of research and consideration, Amann Business Systems, decided to merge with another local company, Restech Information Services located in Metairie, LA.

George is happy with the move. He said, “with Restech’s expanded capabilities, experience in cyber security and other expertise, Restech seemed like the perfect fit for the customers we serve.”

Restech completed the merger in January of this year. Vince Gremillion, Restech’s founder and President is excited, and felt the synergy between the two companies was a natural fit. “Amann Business Systems has a solid reputation and a strong focus in the legal sector, an area we also focus on”, said Gremillion.

“Legal has a strong requirement for data management, compliance and a need for more advanced security, all areas we have created expertise and certifications in. We look forward to working with and helping George’s clients manage their growing needs. With the merger complete, we can focus on our continued mission to help local businesses get enterprise level expertise in cost-effective ways even for the very small business” said Gremillion.

Restech has been servicing clients for over 25 years. They provide IT strategy and services with a strong focus in Cyber Security, Data Management, IT-as-a service, and Business Continuity solutions that range from small to enterprise technology solutions.

The new and expanded Restech looks forward to helping our community thrive in business with the right solutions to maintain and grow profitably.



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Restech is a full suite IT-as-a-service company. We help clients of all sizes get access to the technologies that drive business success. From Cyber Security, data management, backup and business continuity, our IT- as- a- service model can supplement or fill your critical IT needs.

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