The Importance of Backup and Recovery — to Mars and Back Again

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The Importance of Backup and Recovery — to Mars and Back Again

In recent interviews with Elon Musk, he explains why Space-X is focused on a mission to Mars. More than just one mission, he specifically wants to put a million people on Mars as soon as possible. The reason? To back up the hard drive before it's too late. Makes sense, right?

Think about it – with all of humanity currently located on one hard drive called Earth, it would be smart to back up all that data onto another planet – you know, just in case a planetary system crash should occur and a total rebuild is needed.

And with global threats—natural and man-made—possible at any time, a sustainable redundancy plan for human life is needed ASAP. Sounds like Elon Musk understands the importance of a comprehensive backup and recovery plan.

When we think about backup & recovery, it’s in a slightly different context & scale; however, the core principles are the same. Your data could disappear at any moment due to a catastrophic event – and it could happen so quick and unexpected that you wouldn’t even know what happened.

How often do you back up all of your photos on your phone? Your music? Your important data? Now, how often does your business back up its data?

Imagine if it all disappeared and there was no way to get it back.

To prevent this “disappearing act” from happening, you must take action – preventative measures.  You need to ensure your data is available for full recovery in the event of a human or natural disaster, which can be anything from downloading a virus on your computer to a tornado that rips through your building.

A wide range of tools are available for your backup & recovery plan, but it should all start with a strategy discussion. When your system goes down, HOW MUCH DATA can you afford to lose? And HOW LONG can your business afford to be down? Answering these questions will frame the foundation for your backup & recovery solution.


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