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Don't Assume Your Backup And Recovery Plan is Okay

So you think your data backup & recovery plan is just fine and it’s safe to assume you’re covered?

ASSUME nothing.

Backup & recovery is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. Your business is continuously changing, so your technology needs should also be evolving in alignment.

Perhaps you’re growing – new clients, new employees, new products & services. Along the way, there’s also new regulations, certifications, and compliance issues to monitor and track.

All of this results in more data – data that has to be stored. Research shows 77% of businesses surveyed indicate that their data is growing at a rate of 5% to 25% annually. And the projections for the next few years indicate much more data accumulation for all businesses.

But as you and your data have grown, has your data backup and recovery strategy changed?

Don’t assume a $9 per month cloud backup & recovery plan is going to cut it. As your data increases, so does the cost of storage. And when your network goes down, how long is it really going to take before you’re 100% back up and running?

Here are 5 questions to consider when it comes to backup and recovery:

  1. Where is my data stored? (Onsite? Offsite? Cloud? Integrated combination?)
  2. How will my data be protected?
  3. How is my data stored for security and compliance?
  4. How quickly will I be able to get fully restored – and what is this dependent on?
  5. What are the testing and reporting procedures?

You obviously don't want to think about something bad happening to your business, but the reality is your data is at risk at all times. Whether it's a virus, human error, a power outage or a natural disaster, at any given moment you could lose it all.

To make sure your backup and recovery plan is REALLY okay, it needs to be aligned with your business. How do you know if it's aligned? Work with an IT partner who understands your business objectives and will help you implement a strategic plan.

You can stop assuming and get the facts straight from an IT expert. You might even save money and reduce your downtime by a whole lot.

The best part is you can rest easy knowing that if something bad happens, your customer data and your business are safe and protected.



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