3 Key Points about Cloud for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

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3 Key Points about Cloud for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

95% of businesses are now using some form of cloud technology according to RightScale's 2017 State of the Cloud report. The benefits of the cloud have pushed it into the mainstream, but as organizations realize the benefits, there are concerns and hesitations for SMBs.

What's the right cloud strategy? How much is it going to cost? Is it more or less secure than my own legacy system in the office?

Here are 3 key points to keep in mind when considering your organization's move to the cloud.

  1. The strategy behind your cloud should be based on the needs of your workforce. If your organization is office-based / stationary, then on-site hosting or a hybrid model may be the right choice; however, if your workforce is on the move and completely mobile, then hosting your data on the cloud makes good sense.

  2. An assessment should be conducted to determine the volume of data you will need to retain. This will have a big impact on cost.

  3. For SMBs, the primary benefit of moving to cloud is lower operational costs. Additional benefits include greater flexibility with data access allowing more mobility in working arrangements, and more devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc.

When you move your business to the cloud you can:

  1. Grow when, where, and how you want: Add to your infrastructure and upgrade your technology with little to no effort.

  2. Decrease the cost of operations: Hosted technology means you are no longer responsible for maintenance, repairs and energy consumption costs.

  3. Receive expert support: Benefit from the 24/7 assistance of an entire IT department dedicated to you and your staff.

  4. Improve disaster recovery: Automatically secure your data at an offsite location and increase your odds of data survival after a disaster.


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