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How an MSSP Protects Your Business from Advanced Threats

If you're not familiar with what a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is, they become your extended IT and Security Team with a more diverse set of skills that can better manage your IT and security in this changing business world.  As cyber criminals become smarter and use artificial intelligence and other changing tactics to exploit your business, you will need to deploy smarter security tactics to fight back.


Malware is short for "malicious software." This is software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. It can include phishing threats, viruses, ransomware, spyware, etc. Back in the day, malware was very simple. Many attacks came from curious hackers who weren't out to make money, but just see what they could do. Nowadays, with ransomware and other digital money-making opportunities, malware has become more vicious. As technology moves forward, so do the cyber threats. And the more advanced malware gets, the less likely you can fight it on your own.

How an MSSP Protects You

Think of an MSSP as your own digital army. Now your business is protected with consistent monitoring and professionals who can fight those cyber-battles for you. You won't have to worry about whether or not your business is keeping up with the latest in cybersecurity because an MSSP has the skills and tools to make sure your network is protected in smart ways. Partnering with an MSSP fills those critical security skills gaps and helps you focus on business.


Hand-in-hand with malware, hackers are the human component behind cyberattacks. Someone has to program that evil bot, right? Now that there's some serious money to be made in the hacking business, every two-bit criminal mind can buy hacking tools on the dark web which has increased the number of attacks exponentially.These criminals go undetected, which has led to more and more criminals becoming advanced hackers. The more advanced they get, the more help the average business owners will need to protect themselves.

How an MSSP Protects You

Just like with malware, having an MSSP partner fills the growing skills gap needed to protect your business. Depending on your business and industry, an MSSP will deploy the right security measures and tools to keep the criminals out. With the right tools and professionals, your network will be monitored 24/7, ensuring that attacks are spotted early before they can do a lot of damage. Your network won't have the common vulnerabilities that other unprotected networks do. By 2021, Gartner expects over 30 million security vacancies and MSSP's will help fill those shortfalls. An MSSP will ensure that you are using smart security, that your equipment will be updated, your software will be patched regularly, your network will be solidified, in much more cost effective ways than you will be able to do yourself.

As a full sute IT and cybersecurity firm. Restech can help with your business technology and cybersecurity needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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