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How to Manage Your Online Meetings With Ease

With the new reality that we are all facing, businesses are adjusting to the new normal of conducting virtual meetings. Taking meetings online presents many new possibilities, such as recording the discussions for future reference, and many more opportunities that the traditional meeting lacks.

Yet, despite the many benefits of online meetings, they also present an additional set of challenges, but a little planning will go a long way toward ensuring a productive end result.


Don't let setup issues cut into your meeting time. In order to avoid technical delays, make sure everyone involved has the right technology, invites and call-in info.

Check your tech and hardware: Don't wait to the last minute; verify all of your URL links, dial-in lines, microphones, and video work before sitting down to meet.

  • One person joining? Use a headset for best quality.
  • Two or more people? Find a device certified for your meeting software.


Efficiency is especially important when managing online meetings with off-site attendees, but you can improve efficiency with proper meeting management. The size of the meeting can dictate the overall atmosphere and the flow from topic to topic. Have a strategy in place that lays out how people will interact, who speaks when, and how the meeting will be organized. While smaller meetings may benefit from free-for-all collaboration, larger meetings may need management oversight to keep the conversations on track.

Avoid Distractions: To limit distractions, and keep your meeting on track, ensure all remote participants' lines remain on mute when not talking.


Collaboration is an essential part of any meeting, whether in person or online. Your meeting solution should enable you to easily share content with meeting participants.

Don't Forget About Security: Make sure your solution provides security and privacy features to better protect sensitive information.


Reduce the uncertainty that can plague meeting participants by keeping records of the meeting. An online meeting solution should be able to record your session so that you and meeting participants can reference it at a later time. Make sure to announce it to the participants at the start of the meting so that there are no surprises.

Share the recording: Send out the recording link to meeting participants along with the meeting notes, so that they can refer back to it later.

The Right Meeting Technology Solution for You

Your meeting attendees will follow your lead, so make sure it's a strong one. By continuously honing your meeting strategies, monitoring what does and doesn't work, and actively pushing to convert decisions into action, your meetings will become more effective over time.

Adopting technology to simplify the way you conduct meetings is a step in the right direction, especially for sessions with participants scattered across different geographies. Think about the solutions you use today. Do they enhance the effectiveness of your meetings? Can they keep up with your demands? Are they worth every penny you spend?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it may be time to look into meeting productivity tools specifically built to address your growing needs. Having the right solution scaled to your needs and able to handle your business' bandwidth is crucial for using technology to your meeting's benefit.

As a full suite IT and cybersecurity firm, Restech can help with your business technology needs. Contact us to learn more.

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