How to prevent Ransomware from Corrupting Your Data Backups.

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How to prevent Ransomware from Corrupting Your Data Backups.

Ransomware has made criminals millions and they want to protect their cash cow. Data backups are your best defense against having to pay that Ransomware bill but not if Ransomware or any other recovery issue prevents you from fully restoring your data.

To ensure they can keep on collecting, these cyber criminals have set their sights on your last line of defense: your backup. They have begun targeting the backup processes and tools that you have traditionally used as insurance against losses.

Prevent Ransomware from Creeping into Your Backup

To better protect your local backup and cloud backup you should think about modifying the way your backups work.

1. Any company with a networked file server should consider hiding their local backup from the network. This will help prevent a direct attack. Networks can spread Ransomware to all your workstations quickly.

2. Consider shortening the time intervals for how often your backup runs. Having more intervals gives you a better chance at recovery without losing a good chunk of data.

3. Make sure you have a mirror image of your backup, so you can restore more quickly. A mirror image allows you to bring your systems back to life faster.

4. You should have a cloud backup as well as a local backup. Having incremental backups or easily managed file histories makes it easier to recover your data from the cloud.

Make Sure You Have Visibility Into Your Backup Processes

The sooner you can detect ransomware the more likely you are to be able to prevent a significant amount of your data from being infected.

Monitoring your backups can help here. Backup software can give you visibility if a program suddenly encrypts your data. Running your backups in smaller increments of time will help. When your files get encrypted it will make your backups unable to run.

By having a local copy and and a cloud copy of your data, you can prevent your cloud backup from being infected if you are monitoring your local backups. Being able to identify an issue at your local backup step is key to success here.

Backup Solutions Need To Be More Carefully Planned

Outsmarting the criminals requires a planned backup strategy. Businesses will need to abstract their data backups to prevent ransomware from encrypting their backups and any historical data.

Separating your backups from your visible network and making sure you select solid backup media and hide your local and cloud backups, you can make your backups more robust against ransomware attacks.

Test Your Backup and Recovery Process Often.

Finally, your backups are of no use if you can't recover your data reliably or quickly. Here at Restech, we have seen too many businesses get Ransomware and call us because their backup failed.

Victims of ransomware will have a nightmare of a time if your backups are not tested to make sure they can be recovered or if their backup intervals are not managed closely.

More importantly, make sure your business is actually backing up all the data you create and that the backup is completing.

Test your backup to see if it will recover. Failed backups happen way more often than you might realize. An added benefit of testing your backups is seeing how much real data loss you will have between your backup interval.

In today's digitally driven businesses, we are creating much more data than we realize. In the last two years we have collectively created more data than all of prior recorded history.

As digital business vulnerabilities increase as well as important business data needs change its important to revisit your backup plan on a regular basis.

What About Outsourcing Your Backup

It is becoming a more complicated digital business security world. Preventing and detecting ransomware attacks should now be as common place in your business as having access to a computer.

Backup as a service is a great way to offload this critical process without breaking the bank. The as-a-service model is everywhere today and backup as a service is cost-effective and can give your business much better protection than you can do yourself.

If you already have an IT person, offloading security and backups to a larger group of experts can free your IT person to work on more strategic business initiatives.

As every business relies on technology more and more for strategic advantage no one person will be able to do everything. IT-as-a-service fills the skills gap and can offload the liability of backup and security onto experts.

Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional ~ Haruki Murakami

Proactively aiming to detect and prevent ransomeware attacks, creating a backup strategy and plan to shield you, and regularly testing and modifying your backups is an essential business task.

Yes its a pain to implement and monitor and constantly review but not doing it can create a lot more suffering for you and your business.

Your efforts will pay off.

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