Aging IRS Systems give Taxpayers an extra day to pay

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Aging IRS Systems give Taxpayers an extra day to pay

They say there are a couple of things that we can count on: Death and Taxes.  You can now add a new one to the list: the need to update your IT infrastructure before it puts a huge hole in your business.

Former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Wall Street Journal that the IRS’s hardware is at least two generations out of date.  It was the aging infrastructure that forced the IRS to give taxpayers an extra penalty free day to file their taxes.

Most businesses face similar issues in their infrastructure.  Hanging on to hardware and other aging infrastructure equipment until they die.  The only issue is that when it does crash, you lose business and credibility. 

In the case of the IRS most citizens were probably not unhappy to hear that news.  The IRS has its own negative reputation and a failed IT system probably did more to create cheers than boos.  There were plenty of jokes going around social media like the meme in the picture below.

IRS Computer Failure produces funny memes

Upgrading Your Infrastructure Should Be A Priority

Most businesses owners would probably not experience the same reaction if their system were to go down.  Customers generally think negatively about you when they can’t transact business.  In today’s business environment where technology is a critical component of success, none of us can afford going down.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to push technology to its brink because we think of it as an expense.  With so many competing business needs, like acquiring customers, it’s sometimes hard to think of the infrastructure as a critical component. 

In general we risk the crash instead of absorbing the perceived pain of replacing hardware.  Unfortunately none of us correctly gauge the impact of failed hardware until it happens. 

In a report last year the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration indicated that the IRS could better protect its systems and its data by using external partners.  As technology advances, partnering with IT specialists has become a growing trend for all size businesses.

IT as a Service Could Help Businesss Keep Their Technology Current

The IT as a Service model makes it easier for businesses to keep their infrastructure up and running.  You can now rent the infrastructure as a service and outsource IT support and monitoring in very cost effective ways.

I think it’s safe to say many would be ok if the IRS systems were down indefinitely.  As a business owner that would be far less true.  It’s time to make sure your reputation doesn’t become scarred by aging technology when there are so many proactive ways to manage it without breaking the bank.

RESTECH is a Digital Security and IT as a Service company.  They help small, mid and enterprise businesses gain access to expert IT services and solutions in cost effective ways.

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