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How to Secure Your Mobile Devices


A large portion of what we do every day is heavily influenced by our connected devices. From budgeting and entertainment to communicating and shopping, we use laptops, smartphones, and tablets to work and live more efficiently. But at what cost?

Just because you know how to use a phone or tablet or any other device for that matter, doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to secure it. In fact, so many people are concerned with the all-encompassing ‘convenience’ of these gadgets that they’re willing to sacrifice bits and pieces (if not all) of their security for it.

However, this can be a serious problem for any person and can create a huge mess, resulting in lost money, lost data, and a lost identity – which are three things no person ever wants to deal with. So, to make sure you never have to experience the negative consequences of poorly secured gadgets, here are five things you should always keep in mind when it comes to mobile device security.

1. Lock

Never leave your mobile devices wide-open. In other words, lock your phone with a password or pin code. If you ever lose your phone or tablet, you’ll be thankful you took this extra step to secure your devices. 

2. Update

Regularly check your devices, software, and apps for updates. Updates are there for a reason – usually to patch known security vulnerabilities. If you fail to update your devices, a hacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to infiltrate your device.

3. Research

Before downloading apps on your tablet or smartphone, always research the maker, review the comments, and look over the security permissions. Believe it or not, malicious apps do find their way to the app stores, and when this happens, anyone can become the victim of mobile malware.

4. Log out

It’s important to fully log out of websites or apps that interact with your email or credit card information. If your device is ever stolen, the thief will get much more than just your device – they’ll get easy access to all of your accounts.

5. Off limits

Never let anyone use your device that you don’t trust completely. It only takes a few seconds to download malicious software or extract valuable data off a device. Don’t take the chance.

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April 13, 2016 | Blog | 0 Comments

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