4 Payment Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

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4 Payment Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

Payment apps are the way of the future and it's a future that's more hassle-free and convenient than you might think. You no longer have to dig out your coins and cash or even your credit card for that matter. You can literally pay with your phone and your information is kept secure.

Here are four of the most sophisticated payment apps on the market.


1. Venmo

Need to send money to a friend or split lunch with your coworkers? Forget the ATM and digging for cash. Venmo lets you send money to anyone with confidence. Transfer money to and from your Venmo account with ease, and pay anyone with an active Venmo account and a phone number or email address. It's free to send and receive money and your information is always kept secure and private.

2. PayPal

PayPal can be used just like Venmo, but it can also be used to make online purchases or pay bills. Instead of linking your Netflix account to your credit card, link it to Paypal and benefit from more security and less hassle. You can also make purchases on a variety of websites just by logging into your PayPal account - no more typing out your billing address and credit card information.

3. Apple Pay

Apple Pay can complete online purchases much like PayPal can, but it's also good for in-store purchases. All you have to do is hold up your phone (no need to open an app) and give permission through the iPhone's fingerprint reader. Your credit cards, rewards cards, and even tickets and boarding passes can be stored within the app. This information is encrypted and a unique Device Account Number is used when processing payments - not your actual credit card number.


Google Pay operates a lot like Apple Pay does - they both have the same standard of security and the same basic functionality. It uses an encrypted number instead of your credit card number, so your information is secure. It has multiple levels of security, so you can pay with ease. It'll still deliver the same convenience of on-the-go payments just like Apple Pay will.



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