The 3-2-1 Rule of Backup for Modern Data Protection

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The 3-2-1 Rule of Backup for Modern Data Protection

While people and businesses rely on data more than ever before, there has never been a time when there have been more threats to that data. Storms, floods, and wildfires remind us that natural disasters can strike at any time, destroying homes and offices. Meanwhile, online threats continue to grow.

Ready-made idiot-proof hacker toolkits are free or cheap and new strategies to wreak havoc and profit are ever-emerging. Headline-eliciting attacks on the cities of Baltimore and Atlanta, are not isolated - McAfee labs reports a 118% growth in ransomware attacks on all businesses.

Many are concerned - but unprepared

Approximately 60% of businesses are concerned or highly concerned about ransomware or social engineering attacks, according to a 2019 Acronis survey. However, 73% of businesses rely almost exclusively on just one form of backup.

Similarly, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration reports that 58% of SMBs are completely unprepared for data loss. 

The 3-2-1 Rule of Backup

A business' most precious asset - data - is under constant attack. Fortunately, protecting that data can be as easy as 3-2-1. Whether it is defending important documents or safeguarding business operations that span a variety of physical, virtual and cloud environments, creating a backup has the same goal: Ensuring your data can be recovered, no matter what happens.

The 3-2-1 Rule of Backup is the only strategy that can guarantee a clean copy of your data will survive, and it's simple to remember:

3. Create three copies of your data (one primary and two backups).

2. Store your copies on at least two types of storage media (local drive, network share/NAS, tape drive, etc.)

1. Store one copy off-site

The third step, maintaining an off-site copy, protects your data against any physical disaster (like theft, fire, or flood) or digital danger (like a network-wide malware infection) that could simultaneously destroy both original data and a local backup.

Note: Cloud backup itself is not a replacement for steps one and two. Rather it ensures a more comprehensive approach to data protection and is an essential, convenient, and affordable way to isolate an updated, off-site copy of your data. 

Defending Against Today's Cyberthreats

Following the 3-2-1 Rule has been a best practice since the twenty teens, and it remains a key approach. Yet businesses today need to be sure they aren't counting on legacy data protection solutions to support their 3-2-1 strategy. The level of protection that's required to fight modern threats combines data protection with cybersecurity, or cyber protection. Better still, with the right solution, a complete strategy doesn't need to compromise budgets or convenience. 

Keep Running with a Proven, Modern Approach

Combatting all threats to data, including evolving cyberthreats, really can be easy, efficient and secure as the 3-2-1 Rule promises. By using a modern solution that simplifies data recovery, you can easily safeguard your business - and your success.

As a full suite IT firm, Restech delivers an approach that integrates the industry's most advanced protection, so you know your data - and your backups - are safe from today's threats, and accessible when needed. Contact us to learn more.

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Source: Acronis

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