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An Owner's Perspective on IT Security

The recent explosion of data breaches has many business owners and managers on edge.

Today, a lack of basic IT security opens the door to data leaks and system hijacking. Many businesses, especially the ones only concerned that their PCs are running and online are at great risk for data loss and exposure.

Recent articles in the news are showing a frightening increase in targeted email attacks on small businesses. These email attacks trick people, especially accounting and finance employees, into wiring money to a fraudulent account by impersonating that employees' boss. They imitate your normal email traffic using publicly available information and good guesswork.

We have seen many local companies targeted by these scams.

Recently, a local company fell for this email scam and was tricked into transferring $90,000 to hackers. That's a major financial loss. How does this happen? The hackers knew that this company's security protocols were weak, so they took advantage of that and intercepted the money.

Here is the issue: you take on tremendous business risks by the simple act of connecting to the internet. When a business does not actively manage its network, ensuring the proper security is in place, then that Internet connection is like an open window with no screen – the bugs are free to come and go as they please!

You may have heard, "You can't manage what you can't see." No business owner I have ever met in the past 30 years was an IT Security or IT expert. They only knew their core business, but all of them had attorneys, bankers, and accountants to handle specialized parts of the business.

These owners saw the value of a professional specialist handling their affairs, even if the price per hour was high – they knew that one hour of a professional's time could save thousands of dollars.

It is the same with business technology. I always wonder why people think technology is the part of the business where they can take the cheap route. They use what is equivalent to a PC handyman. Sure, he is quick and cheap, but he is in no way an expert professional. All he can do is maintain the status quo. He is aware of your desire to save money and that is his goal: fast and cheap. But that's not good for your business or security.

Maybe it's time to consider an IT security professional to look over your network and see if there are areas that need to be addressed before you become the latest statistic in a data breach. It will only cost you a little time, and maybe a little pride.


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April 24, 2017 | Data Breach, cybersecurity | 0 Comments

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