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3 Simple Apps to Improve Your Weekend

After a long week, it's definitely good to get out and enjoy the weekend. Sure, it's easy to stay home and binge watch Netflix, but there's so much you can get done during the weekend that'll make your life easier.

Here are 3 apps that'll improve your weekend:

1. Wunderlist

You should never let your weekends go to waste, and you should always plan to do something—even if that something is as unexciting as grocery shopping and home budgeting. In other words, don’t waste your weekend to the couch and Netflix, because ten times out of ten you’ll wake up on Monday morning full of regret. Wunderlist is a simple list app that will make sure you never waste another weekend.

Plan a family vacation, outline your grocery necessities, and manage your daily to-dos. Afterwards, assign priorities, schedule activities, and access your lists and plans on any connected device you have handy. As a result, keep your life fully organized and you and your family fully active.

2. Fresh Food Finder

Weekends are usually home to local fresh food events like the Farmer’s Market. You never know what amazing foods you’ll discover at these things, too—like the best chocolate milk you ever tasted, a breakfast burrito fit for a king, and vegetables and fruits that look so perfect you think they’re fake. Fresh Food Finder is a smartphone app that wants to help you find the nearest route to fresh, local food. These local food events are a great way to break away from the sludge you shovel in your mouth during the work week or to build back up your fruit and vegetable stockpile for the upcoming week.

3. 7 Minute Workout

Time is often used as an excuse to justify not exercising. During the work week, there just isn’t enough time in the day, and during the weekend, no one wants to “waste their time” working out. But with this 7 Minute Workout application from Johnson and Johnson, your daily exercise is condensed into a fun and scientific seven-minute period. Design a smarter workout by tracking your progress and gauging your fitness level, and work with 72 exercises and 22 workouts that can be personalized to fit your workout preferences.




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