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What is the future of Managed Technology?

Your day to day technology is getting LESS COMPLEX. It's now easier than ever to run your business right from the palm of your hand, from almost anywhere. Need an entire CRM platform? -there's an app for that. Want to shoot a quick video and edit it before sending it to your client? You can do that on your smartphone - it's easier than ever before.

But CHOOSING the right technologies for your business—from the many many options available—and MANAGING THESE CHOICES is greatly increasing in complexity.

As a Managed IT Service Provider, Restech's core value proposition is to reduce the complexity of technology with outsourced IT staff and IT infrastructure – to provide the services that make your IT life easier.

Looking forward, we will continue to be a resource for IT services like system monitoring, project services, network administration, cybersecurity, etc; however, as technology continues to evolve with the cloud and new innovations – what value will we bring to your business going forward?

We believe our real value will be in consulting, integration, and managing the complex range of technology choices your business will need to make.

Consulting – we strategize with our clients around specific business needs and challenges to facilitate how we can use technology to improve proficiency, productivity and profitability. As a trusted advisor and expert, we start by understanding your goals and then map out the underlying technical environments and strategies to execute.

Integration – we use our technical skill and ability to implement solutions—based upon our consulting and/or strategy meeting results—along with all of the technical integration that you need. This means we ensure the systems, parts and pieces of your technology environment are working together as a cohesive whole.

Technology Management – IT is no longer a technology challenge, it's a management challenge. As IT budgets have increased, many things that were formerly outside of the IT budget are now included in it.

Managing this budget is a complex issue. Each part of your business relies on technology and it should be aligned with your business goals. Restech can manage all these choices to achieve an integrated solution that improves efficiency, creates a competitive edge, and maximizes your business continuity.

Technology isn't a business expense. It's a major investment to move your business forward and in order to stay in business, business leaders need to think ahead and stay ahead of the competition with managed technology.


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May 03, 2017 | managed IT services | 0 Comments

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